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Is Acupuncture Good for Treating Fibromyalgia?

There have been many research studies carried out and which support the use of acupuncture for treating various pain and fatigue disorders and certainly it seems that acupuncture has a lot to offer to those who suffer from fibromyalgia. Unfortunately because of the difference in an acupuncturist’s diagnosis and then treatment of disorders the studies that are carried out can be quite challenging. Where as with a normal western doctor they will usually prescribe the same treatment for everyone with the same disorder, whilst an acupuncturist will assess each patient in terms of their specific imbalance. For example, if say 10 people with fibromyalgia who are treated by an acupuncturist will more than likely give a different diagnosis for each one, and therefore will end up receiving their own customized treatment.

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Lowering Cholesterol with Natural Nutrients

Lowering cholesterol without the negative side effects of
cholesterol drugs is quite possible now thanks to a new
generation of nutritional supplements that couple traditional
nutrients with the latest research to reach new levels of

There are several nutrients with both solid scientific
documentation of effectiveness, and traditional “anecdotal”
evidence built up over hundreds of years of use in the
worlds oldest healing tradition.

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Arthritis – Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal

Two of the most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

People suffering with osteoarthritis should avoid or cut down on highly refined and processed foods, sugar, salt and saturated animal fats. A healthier diet would be to include wholegrain cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables. By eating a more healthy diet sufferers can boost their immune system and provide them with extra energy they need to fight the disease.

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Does Natural Pain Relief Really Exist?

Everyone will suffer pain at some point in their lives. Grim as this may sound, some pain is necessary – it’s a signal from our brain that something is wrong in our body, something we need to address to protect our health and well-being. It can be caused by anything from a dental cavity to a broken bone to a disease. Once we determine where the pain is coming from, we can diagnose and address the health problem, thus alleviating the pain.

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5 Ways to Stop “Blackberry Thumb” Naturally!

The health headlines this week addresses a new epidemic afflicting the computer generation. This new disorder “Blackberry Thumb” is directly related to the use of computer pda devices such as the Blackberry. The Blackberry and other similar computer units were designed to make life more efficient in that it can be used to read and write emails anytime or anywhere. Where the issue lies is when typing messages on the miniature keyboard of the Blackberry- you mainly use your thumbs to type.

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What Is An Approved Osteoarthritis Medicine And Should You Consider Natural Remedies?

Approved osteoarthrits medicine may be effective at relieving pain, but is also accompanied by negative side effects and in some cases increased risk of developing life threatening diseases. For example, Vioxx was an approved osteoarthritis medication that was recalled because an alarming number of patients experienced heart attacks, strokes or blood clots.

Bextra, a COX-2 inhibitor similar to Vioxx, was removed from the market for the same reasons and because of a link to Stevens Johnson Syndrome and other skin disorders. Celebrex, also a COX-2 inhibitor, is still on the market but it and all other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs carry a warning label that “users may face an increased risk of cardiovascular side effects and gastrointestinal bleeding”.

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Natural Cures for Rheumatoid Affections

Rheumatism is the general term used to designate a whole range of medical problems that affect the heart, the joints, the bones and the kidneys. For instance there are more than two hundred health problems labeled as arthritis or rheumatism; the most common symptoms include swollen and painful joints accompanied by difficulty of movement. Traditional medicine recognizes a whole range of natural remedies that are recommended in the treatment of rheumatoid affections, being complementary to classic forms of treatment. The good part about herbal extracts is that they usually target a whole category of affections and don’t address a specific symptom.

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How I’m Losing Weight Automatically

So you really need to lose a few extra pounds that have accumulated over the
years. Like me You’ve tried every diet in the book. I have tried Atkins
Diet, Weight Watchers, Dr Phil, a soup diet and I could go on and on and
either they didn’t work or I lost interest and went off the darn diet.

Well what if you could lose the weight automatically. How I’m Losing Weight
Automatically is so easy, simple and great tasting. Yes I said great tasting.

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Lyme Disease Alert: I was Bitten by a Tic and You Could Be Too

Because I live in Minnesota and our family has a cabin in the North woods, I’m aware of Lyme disease. Our family is so aware of it that one member tacked a photo of a tic bite to the kitchen counter. We’ve found crawling tics on floors, our clothes, our beds, and our bodies. Tics are hardy little devils and you think you’ve killed one, only to have it walk away. That’s why we wrap tics in cellophane tape, pinch the tape hard, and seal the edges tightly.

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Should You Try Acupuncture For Arthritis Relief?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing that was used and still used in many ancient Chinese treatments for various diseases. Will it work for the arthritis pain that you are feeling? Many people have found that arthritis can be improved with the help of this technique. Although there are many that don’t believe in it, the benefit that can come from it, is supposed to be well worth the adventure!

If you are considering acupuncture for the treatment of the arthritis pain that you have, you do need to realize that arthritis medications and other treatments that your doctor are giving you shouldn’t be stopped for it. You should always rely on the help that your doctor can give you as these are the most commonly beneficial to your health and well being. They are also scientifically proven which acupuncture is not.

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